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Stress from legal cases

Students: Don’t let a spring break mistake ruin your future

On behalf of Mastandrea Law posted in Criminal Defense on Friday, March 17, 2017. Many students across Ohio were enjoying a week off for spring break this week; others have vacation scheduled for the weeks ahead. Whenever you have time off, your plan is likely to relax, have fun and enjoy a break from the demands of work and school. However, just because you are on vacation does not mean that rules no longer apply. Whether you are heading somewhere warm or staying right here in Ohio, you must remember that you can still face criminal charges if you are arrested for breaking the law. During spring break, [...]

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile delinquents and penalties: Harsher isn’t always better

On behalf of Mastandrea Law posted in Criminal Defense on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. When people think about juvenile crimes or offenders, they often imagine unruly teens who might be skipping class, drinking or using drugs. However, in the legal context, “juvenile” refers to anyone under the age of 18 and “crimes” refer to any violation of the law. With all that in mind, we draw your attention to a troubling story from another state involving a group of kids, none of whom are older than 11. According to reports, investigators believe that five children were involved in causing major damage to a day care center and [...]

Texting while driving

Digital behaviors have very real consequences

On behalf of Mastandrea Law posted in Criminal Defense on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Despite the fact that millennials have grown up with technology like smartphones, social media and the Internet, there are still many young people who fail to properly assess the risks associated with these tools. Between trends like early adoption of new apps and the constant changes of the tech landscape, it can be easy for juveniles to make mistakes like assuming they are anonymous when they are not. Add in the fact that young people aren’t always mature enough to appreciate the long-term consequences of bad decisions and it is no [...]

Cleveland Police and Fire

Arson case brings up bigger issue of health care and privacy

On behalf of Mastandrea Law posted in Criminal Defense on Thursday, February 9, 2017. Every criminal allegation should be taken seriously by the people who are charged. This means aggressively challenging the prosecution’s case and fighting tooth-and-nail to protect the accused’s rights. This is harder to do in some cases when unique circumstances are involved. For instance, a recent case right here in Ohio has sparked disputes over whether a man’s pacemaker can be used as evidence in a criminal case. The man is currently accused of insurance fraud and arson stemming from allegations that he set his house on fire. When denying the allegations, the man stated [...]

Justice Department releases new guidelines for fair photo lineups

On behalf of Mastandrea Law posted in Criminal Defense on Monday, January 9, 2017. If you’ve followed the criminal law or watched much TV, you’re probably aware of “the lineup.” An eyewitness to a crime stands behind smoked glass and chooses the perpetrator from a line of five or six people. It can also be done using photographs — the witness pages through an array of photographs until he or she recognizes the perp.