Gross Sexual Imposition (GSI)


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In Ohio, gross sexual imposition is a serious type of sex offense
involving any of the following:

  • The use of force or threats

  • The use of drugs or intoxicants to impair the victim’s judgment or control

  • A victim under age 13

  • A mental or physical condition that renders the victim unable to resist or consent

A third or fourth degree felony, gross sexual imposition can result in a lengthy prison sentence and mandatory sex offender registration. Your reputation will also suffer. Having a sex offense conviction on your record can make it difficult to get a job, find housing and pursue other opportunities in life.

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Don’t Face These Charges Alone

Because these charges are so serious, it is critical to involve a lawyer as soon as possible — even before formal charges have been filed. Law enforcement may try to get evidence from you during the investigation phase. Any answers or information you provide could end up being used as ammunition against you later. With the right attorney, you can better protect yourself and safeguard your rights.

Don’t leave your case in the hands of the police and prosecutors. The sooner you involve a defense lawyer, the higher degree of control you have over how to move forward with a strong defense.

Get Help From An Experienced Defense Lawyer

In the Cleveland area, contact Mastandrea Law, LLC for experienced defense against sex crime charges, including gross sexual imposition. Our attorney has dedicated his entire career to upholding the rights of the accused. He has handled hundreds of cases in courts across northeastern Ohio. As a result, he has the skill, experience and respected reputation you need to tackle challenging charges.

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