Internet Sex Crimes


The Internet makes it easy to do or say things you wouldn’t otherwise do in person. Just as technology has opened up new worlds in cyberspace, so, too, has it provided fertile ground for law enforcement agencies to crack down on online crimes.

In Ohio, there are multiple charges involving Internet sex crimes:


In Ohio, there are multiple charges involving Internet sex crimes:

  • Producing, distributing or possessing child pornography

  • Solicitation of prostitution

  • Solicitation of a minor

  • Gross sexual imposition

Each of these charges can result in serious criminal consequences. You could face jail time and mandatory sex offender registration, perhaps for life. You will also have to confront the negative social stigma that accompanies allegations of a sex offense.

At Mastandrea Law, LLC, we understand the challenges involved in defending against these charges. Our attorney can help you build a strong defense from the outset. Having focused his entire career on criminal defense in the Cleveland area and across northeastern Ohio, lawyer Rod Mastandrea will work tirelessly to protect your rights, reputation and future.

Don’t Make This Costly Mistake

In any criminal case — especially those involving sex offenses — the state will begin building a case against you long before criminal charges are filed. Police officers have a number of tools at their disposal for collecting evidence against you. They may pressure you into providing incriminating information or even cross the line into entrapment.

The investigation phase is a critical time to protect your rights. Don’t leave yourself unguarded.

The sooner you involve a lawyer, the better your chances of getting a good outcome.

Our attorney can shield you from aggressive police tactics and start building a defense strategy.