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Your Guide to Wrongful Termination in Ohio

We understand that losing a job can put a major burden on you and your loved ones, especially when it is unexpected. Unfortunately, there are times when employers fire employees unjustly. Although Ohio is an at-will employment state, there are laws in place to protect you from being terminated because of your race, gender, sex, age, religious belief, national origin, military service, or disability.  You are also protected from being terminated because of protected activity such as filing for Worker’s Comp, suffering an injury on the job, asking for or using FMLA leave, or acting as a Whistleblower.   If [...]

2 Myths About Sexual Harassment

2 Myths about Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment can be a sensitive subject, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a serious offense that can completely derail someone’s life. It is important to maintain a full understanding of what qualifies as Sexual Harassment, as it is defined by Ohio State Laws.  Any unwanted attention of a sexual nature, whether verbal (suggestive comments/requests for sexual favors) or physical (touching, unwelcome gestures, inappropriate staring), that creates an uncomfortable environment in the workplace is unlawful. It is also important to remember that, while “quid pro quo” harassment cases (when an employer or supervisor makes a lower-level employee feel [...]

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Sex Crimes in College: What are my Rights?

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in Sex Crimes on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020. Being in college can be an exciting transition for any young person. But it can be a difficult period to navigate, as students are often legally adults but they are still making some unwise decisions because they may be too immature to fully appreciate the consequences. One could definitely see this environment as a factor in cases involving college sexual assault allegations and the confusion that often surrounds them. Young people are experimenting with drinking, drugs and sexual behaviors without the fears of parental interference. In the event that a [...]

DUI testing

Don’t let an OVI ruin your career before it has even started

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in DUI/OVI on Tuesday, February 14, 2020. You’re in college, and you like to go out and have some fun with your friends. Who doesn’t? You’re seniors, after all, so close to the end of your time in school and getting ready to start your careers. This is one of your last chances to really soak it all in and enjoy your life before that transition. Then you try to drive home from the bar after having too much to drink. You get pulled over and arrested. Suddenly, that career that you were about to start is [...]

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What are the steps for a criminal case in Cleveland?

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in Drug Offenses on Wednesday, January 22, 2019. What are the steps for criminal cases in Cleveland? If you are arrested for a drug-related crime, you are not going to just head to court to defend yourself. Whether you go through the federal system or ta Criminal Case in Cleveland, there will be several steps before you even get to a trial. Let’s imagine you are arrested and charged under a Criminal Case in Cleveland. Your case will go through the state courts and will follow Ohio criminal procedure. The rules of criminal procedure can be found here, but [...]

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Students: Don’t let a spring break mistake ruin your future

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in Criminal Defense on Friday, March 17, 2017. Many students across Ohio were enjoying a week off for spring break this week; others have vacation scheduled for the weeks ahead. Whenever you have time off, your plan is likely to relax, have fun and enjoy a break from the demands of work and school. However, just because you are on vacation does not mean that rules no longer apply. Whether you are heading somewhere warm or staying right here in Ohio, you must remember that you can still face criminal charges if you are arrested for breaking the law. During spring [...]

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile delinquents and penalties: Harsher isn’t always better

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in Criminal Defense on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. When people think about juvenile crimes or offenders, they often imagine unruly teens who might be skipping class, drinking or using drugs. However, in the legal context, “juvenile” refers to anyone under the age of 18 and “crimes” refer to any violation of the law. With all that in mind, we draw your attention to a troubling story from another state involving a group of kids, none of whom are older than 11. According to reports, investigators believe that five children were involved in causing major damage to a day care center [...]

Gag order

3 things to remember if you are faced with sex crime allegations

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in Sex Crimes on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. If you are accused of a sexually based offense in Ohio, you are likely already aware of how quickly your world can cave in around you. With one accusation, you can lose your job, your standing in the community, relationships with your loved ones, and your freedom. This fallout can make it seem like you have already been found guilty, and you may just feel tempted to give up. However, before you do that, you need to remember three things. You are innocent until you are proven guilty, which means that [...]

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You can get a DUI even when you don’t feel drunk

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in DUI/OVI on Friday, February 24, 2017. When people think of drunk drivers, they often imagine someone swerving around the road, unable to see straight or speak clearly. Yes, there are drivers who are this intoxicated who are arrested for drunk driving, but the fact is that many people who are charged with operating a vehicle under the influence may not even realize they are drunk. As an example, let’s imagine you go out with some friends after work. You hang out for a couple hours and have a few drinks, then get in your car and drive [...]

Texting while driving

Digital behaviors have very real consequences

On behalf of Mastandrea Law, LLC posted in Criminal Defense on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Despite the fact that millennials have grown up with technology like smartphones, social media and the Internet, there are still many young people who fail to properly assess the risks associated with these tools. Between trends like early adoption of new apps and the constant changes of the tech landscape, it can be easy for juveniles to make mistakes like assuming they are anonymous when they are not. Add in the fact that young people aren’t always mature enough to appreciate the long-term consequences of bad decisions and it is [...]