Don't Face Criminal Charges Alone

Make attorney Mastandrea your criminal defense lawyer in Cleveland, OH

You're in the courtroom listening to the charges brought against you. But you're not worried-you hired Mastandrea Law to defend you.

Mastandrea Law is home to a qualified criminal defense lawyer serving Cleveland, OH. Attorney Rod Mastandrea is trained to use strategic legal tactics to get you the best outcome in your case. He'll look over every detail of your situation and tailor his services to help you.

Don't show up to your criminal case unprepared. Reach out to Mastandrea Law for criminal defense representation in Cleveland, OH.

Place your criminal case in experienced hands

Place your criminal case in experienced hands

Attorney Rod Mastandrea brings 10 years of experience to every case. As a criminal defense lawyer in Cleveland, OH, he can handle:

  • UVI/OVI cases
  • Drug offense cases
  • Gross sexual imposition (GSI) cases
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Sexual assault and statutory rape cases
  • Student crimes
  • Traffic violations

Hiring an incompetent lawyer could mean getting a stricter sentence than you deserve. Contact Mastandrea Law for a free phone consultation about your criminal defense needs.